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Tak Chee House, Perth (if i could move in here, I would)

The Speedread…

  • Quick service and reasonably priced food
  • Get their early for the lunch service
  • Authentic Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine

The Need-to-knows…

  • Must try: Penang loh bak with beancurd; Satay chicken
  • Address: 182 William Street, Northbridge WA
  • Website: none; call (08) 9328 9445
Tucked away on a busy street in Northbridge lies Tak Chee House, serving delicious Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine.
At first we saw the closed sign and were mildly disappointed but realised that they had simply forgotten to turn the sign to the other side. It was also clear we would not get a table as the restaurant was packed to capacity. Having arrived at the restaurant at 12.15pm, next time we will make a note to arrive much earlier as obviously we had found a popular gem!

Satay Chicken Stick (4 serve) - $8.00

Fresh slices of cucumber coupled with perfectly fired chicken. What we liked about this dish was that you could easily have eaten the chicken on its own. The accompanying satay sauce was a little thinner than what we were used to but the version offered by Tak Chee House is as close to the original Malaysian Satay that you can get in Australia.

Penang Loh Bak with Beancurd - $8.00

I had never in my life heard of this dish but my Malaysian dining companion assured me that this was a dish we had to try.  So we did, and when it arrived on our table it looked like a weird looking crab. But that might have just been my imagination. Biting into a serve of the Loh Bak (fried radish cake which in the picture is the outer items on the plate), the beancurd skin was thin and delicate and had been fried to a perfect state of ‘brown’. Inside was a mass of white radish cooked together with chinese sausage. The fat in the sausage melted during the cooking process into the white radish so it was really juicy and flavoursome. What was a welcome change was that although the bean curd had been fried in oil it was not heaving in it. It did not leave a huge blob of oil on the plate. Made my heart feel a little lighter eating it.

In the centre of the dish were parcels of fried tofu. The tofu itself perhaps did not retain as much flavour as if it had been steamed but nevertheless it was almost a ‘flavour break’ between eating the more flavoursome loh bak parcels.

Fried Hainanese Chicken Rice – $9.50

Usually at a Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant I order the steamed Hainan chicken rice but here I was told the most popular dish was their fried version so fried it was. Succulent and tender pieces of chicken on the bone with a layer of bean sprouts at the bottom which helped to absorb the soy and oil sauce. Perhaps next time I would ask the kitchen to place the sauce in a separate bowl because this way the skin would have been more crispy but nevertheless, this dish was pretty good, we would definitely order it again.

Roti Canai with Curry Chicken - $9.50

I love Roti! Mamak in Sydney makes probably the tastiest Roti in Sydney but I now have a new favourite. Tak Chee’s version is very good, oily but as you peel away the Roti to dip into the curry sauce the layers split into crispy, thin sheets of goodness. The only thing we realised was that we didn’t really need the chicken curry as an accompaniment. Although the curry chicken pieces were tender the sauce was the winner with the roti, so next time we are going to just request for curry sauce with the roti. And I could easily eat three roti on my own.

For “dessert” I had an iced coffee. I love Asian iced coffee, with condensed milk and ice, it makes for a refreshing treat after a heavy meal. This place is the perfect stop for lunch, just remember to get there early if you hope to secure a table with relative ease.

Tak Chee House

1/364 William St, Northbridge

Perth, Western Australia

(08) 9328 9445


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  1. February 8th, 2012 at 15:14 | #1

    I’ve visit Malaysia and Singapore and some of the dishes in your pictures look just like dishes I’d seen. I tried the fried chicken too with the steamed version as well and loved it. Have you had the kway teow? I’ve heard it’s supposed to be really good. I must try some of the dishes you’ve mentioned.

    • February 8th, 2012 at 19:54 | #2

      Hi Shaun, didn’t get a chance to try the kway teow, but will definately try it on our next visit!


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