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Kailis Fish Market, Fremantle (Fish n Chips ice cream..wait, what did you just say?)

The Speedread…

  • Good selection of fresh Western Australian seafood
  • Lovely place to eat fresh seafood by the pier
  • we went specifically to try the yummy gelato, despite the weather

The Need-to-knows…

  • Must try: Fish & Chips gelato – surprisingly nice!
  • Address: 46 Mews Road, Fremantle

Did someone say…fish & chips flavoured gelato? I had heard of such things coming out of England, but Australia? Why not. We do have rockin’ good fish and chips after all…

So on what was possibly the wettest and most windy day on the calendar we bravely ventured out to the Kailis Fish Markets. After two upturned umbrella’s and drenched socks, we arrived at the rather picturesque markets.

Immediately I spotted the sign – il gelato.

Now the original plan was to just visit Kailis Fish Markets to find this unusual gelato flavour but standing in front of the board staring at all the pictures of seafood suddenly made us peckish so we decided to do a foodstop as well.

After a brief walk around the most attractive option of the day was Kailish Fish Market’s own seafood stand.

We decided to get a plate of fresh Western Australian garlic prawns to share between us. Oh my…

Garlic Prawns

Nice plump little juicy prawns served in a mini version of my stainless steel wok back home. The garlic oil was nice and the lemon enhanced the flavour, so this dish is perfect for a ‘quick bite’. The strong garlic flavour meant that we also now needed the gelato now to counteract it (take note of ‘needs’ vs ‘wants’) so people would still want to talk to us in the remainder of the afternoon.

Fish & Chips gelato

Sitting quietly in the corner was what we had come for: fish & chips gelato. I was mildly concerned about two things, the smell and the taste. So basically at this stage I was rethinking whether to eat it or not but what the heck, we had come all the way so I couldn’t go home with one less roll in the stomach.

“One scoop in a cone, please!”

At this stage we had nothing to lose so I closed my eyes and took a bite…and…

It was surprisingly NICE! No fishy smell (tick), not too sweet (tick tick), no bits of fish or fish bones sticking anywhere (OK so what if my imagination is a bit on the wilder side). It basically tasted like nice home-made, smooth vanilla gelato with the same deep-fried batter you would normally find on battered fish & chips scattered generously over the vanilla gelato. That was the ‘fish’ part. And also I guess the chips part. The crumbed batter was nice and crunchy and not oily, useful considering its only purpose was to decorate the gelato and remind you why it’s name is fish & chips gelato.

Would I come back especially for this gelato? If I was in the area I would definitely drop by to try this uniquely flavoured gelato.

Next on my list? Salmon flavoured gelato. Why not, I’m very curious now. Let me know if you know any place in Australia though that does sell this because my search so far hasn’t found any :)

Kailis Fish Market Cafe

46 Mews Road,

Fremantle, Western Australia

(08) 9335 7755

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