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Yuans BBQ. Chinese Restaurant (our idea of dumpling heaven)

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The Speedread…

  • THE most flavoursome pork dumplings in Sydney
  • Friendly service
  • No reservations required

The Need-to-knows…

  • Must try: Crab roe / traditional pork xiao long bao
  • Address: 199 Beamish Street, Campsie
  • Website:  None; call (02) 9787 9896

Rain hail or shine, EVERYWEEK we end up at this little chinese restaurant..

…and when we say little, we are not kidding

The place probably fits…20 people, comfortably.. at any one time..

The reason why we should just save time and probably move into this restaurant is that we love their Xiao Long Bao. LOVE their version of the classic Shanghainese dumplings. They are made just like they should be made, thin chewy skin, plenty of gelatinous, flavoursome soup inside with good quality pork  mince that has the right consistency of fat in it. Dumplings need fat to work, otherwise the flavour just doesn’t hit the mark:

Pork Xiao Long Bao

I once brought my hard-to-please Shanghainese friend into the restaurant and once she tasted these dumplings, she was sold and finally discovered why I don’t shut up about this restaurant, ever.
Another favourite is the hot and sour soup, what we love is that not only is there a good quantity of chinese black vinegar in it (and we love sour ‘stuff’), but the kitchen doesnt ‘skimp’ on any ingredients either, so the soup always arrives to your table bursting with good ingredients: plenty of *cloud ear* aka black fungus, tofu, bamboo shoots and tender strips of pork, topped with fresh shallot that cuts through the vinegar. A right amount of cornflour is used in the soup to give it that thickness that doesnt go to gloop in your bowl. Perfect.

Hot and Sour soup

The other dumpling dish they make perfectly is the pan-fried pork and ginger dumplings. The key word here is ‘ginger’, which a lot of chinese restaurants regularly miss including in their dumpling meat mix (in adequate quantities, anyway):

Pan fried pork dumplings

When cooked correctly, as soon as you bite in you get a small blast of piping hot gelatinous soupy goodness and that strong pork and ginger mince. The skin is lovely and thin and it is not swimming in oil either. Gosh I’m craving some now after writing this -_-”.

…just a small warning, if you don’t concentrate while eating, you may end up taking the sauce home with you on your shirt…

The last thing that is definately worth a mention is the Shanghai-style noodles with mushroom and pork. The proper version has at least 3 types of vegetables, shiitake mushrooms and thinly sliced pork strips. This one is the closest version to ones served in Shanghai that you can find in Sydney:

Shanghai-style thick noodles with pork and mushroom

 The red ‘blob’ on the far LHS is the chilli sauce that comes with the dish and while it isnt really ‘hot’ per se, it adds a lot of flavour to the already flavoursome noodles! The noodles are always cooked al-dente which is rare, in a chinese restaurant, and again its not heaving in oil which is rather refreshing. Your only problem is trying not to eat the whole plate in one go because it is pretty addictive stuff..
For larger bookings, advisable to call ahead to book a table, but if you have more than 8-9 people in your party, it may be a struggle to accommodate and hence it is worth calling the restaurant well in advance to discuss. It’s great for a group dinner out, their food is still always delicious and of a high standard.
Not to mention this restaurant offers extremely good value for money! They have set menu’s you can choose from, for example a combination of:
- Xiao Long Bao
- Hot and Sour Soup
- Shanghai noodles
over lunch can cost a mere $19.50 and feeds two people!
They also have a great range of cold dishes near the entrance to the restaurant that are worth a try.
Would love to hear comments about your experiences at this restaurant!
Yuan’s BBQ Chinese Restaurant
199 Beamish Street, Campsie
(02) 9787 9896

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